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#2831. Tip

5 Tips To Create 'Better' Outfits

2024.05.10 | 422 view

5 Tips To Create 'Better' Outfits

Sometimes, creating a 'better' outfit may only require a change in perspective and a shift of focus. Achieving stylish looks can be simpler than you think - some tips and tricks can make it easier and help you in your styling process.

It indeed takes time to discover your style and to know exactly what you feel good in, but it is a beautiful journey. You can achieve the look of your dreams by playing around with different pieces you have in your wardrobe (maybe in ways you never thought you could style them).

We've prepared a list of 5 tips to guide you in your journey of crafting or elevating your outfits. 

1. Pick an item and style your look around it

Start simple. Pick a statement piece or your favorite item and let it inspire you. Think about how you'd usually style it (by default), and then think about what you could change to add a little bit of spice. If the item you chose stands out (such as leopard print, a bold color, etc), let it shine and be the main character of your look. If the item you chose is a fun bag or a unique pair of shoes, try a plain outfit that will complement that specific piece.

2. Focus on color coordination

A unique way to tie all of your outfits together is through harmonizing the colors. Pick your favorite color, go to the color wheel, and see what matches. This way you'll have a balanced color palette in your look. If you're not sure what color suits you, you can always book a color analysis class to give you insights - but even considering that you deeply know your favorite colors and what makes you feel good and confident. Take a look at these examples to understand the meaning behind color coordination in an outfit.

3. Pay attention to details

Details make a huge difference, and a successful outfit is made by details. 

How is the fit of your clothing?
What are the shapes of your top and bottom?
Do the textures of your clothes match?
Do you feel like something is missing?
Does a bigger bag match the outfit better than a small bag?
Is there a point that connects all of your outfit like a story?

There are so many little questions you can ask yourself when you look at your outfit in the mirror. 

4. Don't be afraid to play with accessories.

There are so many times when accessories make all the outfits.
They add personality to your look and make the outfit come together in a chic way (even if it's casual - you can see it happen with the viral PJ pants outfits).
Don't be afraid to mix different accessories, even if it feels 'against the rules'. That makes it even more fun, and that's the formula to a unique look.


5. Notice the items that make you feel more “you”

What do you feel most confident and comfortable wearing? This can also be included in the 'Pay attention to details' chapter - you know what you love wearing (like a preference for summer or winter wardrobe).

The best way to 'better' your outfit is to focus on what makes you feel amazing because a good outfit starts with your attitude and confidence.

Maybe pick an item that becomes your 'signature item', meaning that you can own that item in every shape and color and will never get tired of it. You know that item screams you!

Don't forget to have fun and love yourself - and express yourself through your outfit! :)
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