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Belted Waist Double-Breasted Trench Coat
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common unique

DELIGHT.Belted Waist Double-Breasted Trench Coat

$87.82 $61.47
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SizeChestArm LengthSleeve WidthLength
Measurements are made with the garment laid flat. (The size may differ by 1~3cm)
Country of Origin : China(OEM)

· The color displayed may vary depending on your screen.
· Dry cleaning is recommended for the first wash of all clothes, please start wearing after washing.
· We recommend washing denim or colored clothes separately to avoid dye transfer.
Free DHL Express shipping over $150 to United States
After ship out from Codibook warehouse in Korea, you can receive within 3 business days. (Shipment can be delayed due to the local delivery system and the custom clearance schedule.)

Ace raglan trench coat

* md comment
'Self-made trench coat that can only be found at Common Unique'
With a basic design and color that you can casually enjoy every year, regardless of the season.
It is a self-made item that is recommended for daily enjoyment.
The waist and sleeve straps of the same fabric come together in a set
It is possible to create a variety of directions, and sets the line appropriately for the body shape by.ej

* fit & detail
A delicate silhouette is produced with a relaxedly falling arm.
With a long length, a stylish outfit is expressed no matter who wears it.
The raglan design is accentuated with a sleek sleeve line.
When worn, you can feel a more lovely and sensitive mood.

* fabric
Soft and moist Tencel mixing fabric with a clean and delicate finish
The high quality that is hard to find in other low-cost trench coats stands out.
The silky lining is added to make it comfortable to wear without friction with inner items.

model_ 168cm Top55 Bottom26 / Beige, Black Wear
model_ 166cm Top44 Bottom26 / Beige Wear
model_ 164cm Top44 Bottom26 / Cream Wear

* notice,

The classic ace raglan trench coat that has been loved constantly,
It has been renewed by synthesizing previously collected customer opinions!

After the 2nd renewal, the customer's request for improvement has almost disappeared.
With the goal of completing a more perfect, more satisfying signature product
Through the collaboration of the MD team and the costume design team,
It has been renewed after re-inspecting all the parts, both big and small.

The length was dramatically increased by 5 inches compared to the previous version.
It has been modified to produce a more trendy silhouette.

In response to the opinion that the armhole line, which was introduced several times, is somewhat heavy,
After the staff of different body types try on and correct the pattern several times,
Made for the most satisfying fit, suitable for everyone

In the case of the fabric, from cotton, which was a bit burdensome due to the existing weight
With a soft touch and a crisp fit.
It has been changed to a select fabric that is a mixture of poly and tencel.

The changed fabric is an expensive fabric that is rarely selected in general shopping malls.
There was a problem that the length was increased and the cost increased significantly,
Putting customer satisfaction first, rather than putting profit first
Because it is a product manufactured by Common Unique, the sales price is not increased.
We decided to be able to sell at the same price as before.

Ace Raglan Trench Coat, which is more pleasing when fitted directly,
Please love me a lot in the future :D

watch model image-S1L1
watch model image-S1L2
watch detail image-S1L3
watch detail image-S1L4
watch model image-S1L5
watch model image-S1L6
watch product image-S1L7
watch model image-S1L8
watch model image-S1L9
watch model image-S1L10
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watch model image-S1L16
watch model image-S1L17
watch model image-S1L18
watch model image-S1L19
watch model image-S1L20
watch model image-S1L21
watch detail image-S1L22
watch model image-S1L23
watch model image-S1L24
watch model image-S1L25
watch model image-S1L26
watch model image-S1L27
watch model image-S1L28
watch model image-S1L29
watch model image-S1L30
watch model image-S1L31
watch model image-S1L32
watch model image-S1L33
watch model image-S1L34
watch detail image-S1L35
watch model image-S1L36
watch model image-S1L37
watch model image-S1L38
watch product image-S1L39
watch model image-S1L40
watch detail image-S1L41
watch model image-S1L42
watch detail image-S1L43
watch model image-S1L44
watch detail image-S1L45
watch model image-S1L46
watch detail image-S1L47
watch model image-S1L48
watch model image-S1L49
watch detail image-S1L50
watch model image-S1L51
watch model image-S1L52
watch model image-S1L53
watch model image-S1L54
watch model image-S1L55
watch model image-S1L56
watch model image-S1L57
watch model image-S1L58
watch model image-S1L59
watch model image-S1L60
watch model image-S1L61
watch model image-S1L62
watch model image-S1L63
watch model image-S1L64
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watch model image-S1L66
watch model image-S1L67
watch model image-S1L68
watch model image-S1L69
watch model image-S1L70
watch model image-S1L71
watch detail image-S1L72
watch model image-S1L73
watch model image-S1L74
watch model image-S1L75
watch model image-S1L76
watch model image-S1L77
watch model image-S1L78
watch model image-S1L79
watch model image-S1L80
watch model image-S1L81
watch model image-S1L82
watch model image-S1L83
watch model image-S1L84
watch model image-S1L85
watch model image-S1L86
watch model image-S1L87
watch model image-S1L88
watch model image-S1L89
watch model image-S1L90
watch model image-S1L91
watch model image-S1L92
watch model image-S1L93
watch model image-S1L94
watch model image-S1L95
watch model image-S1L96
watch model image-S1L97
watch model image-S1L98
watch model image-S1L99
watch model image-S1L100
watch model image-S1L101
watch model image-S1L102
watch model image-S1L103
watch model image-S1L104
watch model image-S1L105
watch model image-S1L106
watch model image-S1L107
watch model image-S1L108
watch model image-S1L109
watch model image-S1L110
watch model image-S1L111
watch model image-S1L112
watch model image-S1L113
watch product image-S1L114
watch model image-S1L115
watch model image-S1L116
watch model image-S1L117
watch model image-S1L118
watch cream color image-S1L119
watch detail image-S1L120
watch cream color image-S1L121
watch detail image-S1L122
watch cream color image-S1L123
watch product image-S1L124
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